Wednesday, December 12, 2012


where does this go?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

other blog


i've got another blog.... kakaaa...

i had to start it for my IT class... and decided to keep posting (even if its absolutely meaningless)
so yea... check it out if u want to.. xD

Luv Linz

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Catch Up!!

HAaaaaaahahahahAHAH!!! i can never keep my promise to continue updating can i?? =p
okok, so here's all i've been doing since the last time i posted.. =3

12 Dec... KLCC
hmmm... today (oh i mean that day) went to KLCC to meet noodles... with Beni and Victor too.. had quite a fun day but omg!!~ the nite turned out scary after that!! lol... oh oh, before that... the movie!! we watched Couples Retreat... it was... noooooooooooott bad i guess?? but omg!! its definitely for 18+ xD

OHHHHHHHHH!! AND BEFORE MOVIE!! i'll never forget... =.= BENI PH AND ZD BULLY ME!! took the tickets that ganged up on me to trick me that i lost the ticket... piffftt!!

the day went on great, went for dinner at aunts place.. then went to CC to play L4D with cousin n kang... was super fun!! until i got back... and searched for my wallet.. MISSING IN ACTION WALLET!! walked by itself... SCARY I TELL U!! made phone calls to various ppl... ended up was in a frens car.. (i dun even know how it fell out)

*unsure date* Sunway Pyramid

THAT DAY!! not today, i went out with cousin, nok nok, Marissa, and Jia Yi... we went there... wanted to catch a movie but i think it was kinda too late so we decided not to... so then we just had lunch at Manhattan Fish Market, and walked walked walked... then went to... (i forgot where) and had dessert... yummy~

26Dec.... KLCC + Saisaki + Pavilion

on this day.... i went out with the most mismatched group.. haha.. went out with my gals!! Ash and Gerina, high school buds; kang, leeling n cousin.. then add jonathan... hahaa... but it turned out great anyways~

morning, sat train to meet up with Ash n Jie... drove to KLCC~ walk here n there.. shopping sikit, (tak dapat camwhore byk) kakaka... tried checkin the cinema if there was alot of ppl... and YES there WAS... so after that went to Saisaki... *we checked on Jie's car if it kena transform and walked away yet too*

SSSAAAAIISSAAAKKII!!! yummy japanese buffet... yum yum yummyyy.. the salmon was.. FAT!! DELICIOUS!! (i wanna go again!!) i regret not eating more more moreeeee sushi.. T_T hehe, then... the whole table didnt dare to touch the oyster.. then kang took it first... all of us was lookin at him while eating... *curious*

since it was Ash's bday, i bought candles before goin to saisaki... then we took the cake from Saisaki and started singing for her... then funny thing!! started sinigng again for me... lol! imagine if we started singing for Nok, Ryan and John as well.... kekekeke!!

finish makan, went pav, walk walk, window shopping... sit n minum... (oh i got prezzie from jie n cousin too) then at nite.. went yum cha... tadaa... end of the day

28 Dec... UCSI

OMG!!! had to spend my bday in Uni for orientation rehearsal... but i guess it was fine oso la... had company of friends, met new people, had free dinner (Thnx Ms.Lee!) had birthday song from Ahmad n Wang... then at nite went out for supper with family~

29&30 Dec... UCSI

UCSI ORIENTATION!!~~ i was the emcee... quite fun... but the first day i was kinda nervous.. and i couldnt do things very spontaneously.. *shrug* oh well, its my first time... =p

met new people, oh.. i met a "royal" fat "queen" who couldnt sit on the floor.. "sorry but can u make an exception for me? im too fat to sit on the floor"... pifffffttt... watever... on the 2nd day i went slightly hyper.. had fun playin games on stage..

BENJI!! told the crowd i was in UCSI's Got Talent before and tried to make me sing.. -.-

all in all, i LOVE orientations... (except my own which sucked) i get to meet not only the freshies, but also other facilitators... =D


OH THNK GOD!! finally its the start of uni... 2mths of hols gives me a headache from too much boredom... at long last~! im back with friends and things to do... and club activities!!

Visual Comm class can be kinda interesting at times.. draw draw draw~~
Intro to IT is such a BORE!!!
English Literature... now.. thats the BEST!! read and presented on the Medieval period (very fun) and we'll also be doing a drama!! STAGE PERFORMANCE!! yeayyyyyyyy!!!!

15 Jan... Sunway Pyramid

that day i went out with my kor kor... Mr.Jeremy Ng Yen Han... ahahaha... went out for movie, Cirque de Freak: The Vampires Assistant... it was NICE!! should watch! its funny, some action... a lil romance.. hey abit of everything!! fun fun... after the movie, we had dinner.... TGIF.. had some barcadi.. =p yumm yummm... ate lamb.. and omg, i BIT my TONGUE!! bleed....

after dinner, went to carpark... THEN I DROVE HIS CAR!! omg... first time touching a car after my driving exam... and NO! i didnt crash anything... =D

remember my tongue? yea, it bled continuously.. i had dinner around 10+ to 11... and it bled nonstop.... "its refreshing" YECK!! i tried salt, ice... non of it worked... i even got the fright from people saying that people DIE from the bleeding of the tongue... omg!!~ luckily, when my mom suggested puttin handkerchief in the mouth and pressure it, it stopped eventually... gosh... scary i tell u... @.@

17 Jan... Home...

Well i guess thats about all the MAIN things i have to say here... i dont wanna say other other stuff coz... well, if u wanna know ask me!! (i may or may not tell u) mwahahahah!!! im too lazy to put colours and stuff.. so... aahahha.. hope u didnt fall asleep reading halfway... xD

thats all then...

Luv Linz~!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


So yea, after that loooonngggg break.. time to update blog again...

*cleans spider webs*

Its the start of december.. and hols seem like its just beggining for me... (i think). before this, i was working for 10 days... If you know me well enough, or rather.. if u at least sorta know me and i had to speak chinese... u would know that i am in fact.. a BANANA... (chinese who don't know how to speak chinese) so linking this to my work... lemme introduce to you, what i did for that 10 kinda difficult days...


lul... so imagine the hard time i had to go through trying to promote in chinese, answer in chinese, and all that stuff... and did i get my chinese improved?? the answer is............. I DONT THINK SO!

so......any good stuff from the work experience? oh yes... friends maybe? kinda... and few days of looooooooooooookkiinnggg at this good looking guy working opposite my booth... i have to say... guys in suits, look DAMN good.. and that guy just has something in him.. he's just so... hmm... "yau yeng" ada style... hahahaaa....

well, when i first thought of writing this blog entry i tot i was gonna describe him sooo much.. but i cant seem to do that... lost my mood...

arghhhhhhh... i feel so lost sometimes... again im feeling this emoness but have no proper leadings of wat its caused by... (maybe its just pms) oh i dont know... i doubt it..

SOoooooooooooooooooo.... holidays are just beggining... why? coz im just starting to go out... weee?? oh yeh happy... i got a jacket suitable for dresses!~ and formal wear.... no more bulky kinda jackets for dresses.. ehh... got a new haircut? sorta.... arghh.. NO MOOD ANYWAYS

so ciao, goodnite, bla bla bla....

(dissapointing update, lazy to put in colours)

Luv Linz

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Random facts bout me...

1. I like empty trains and roads....

Explanation according to my own perception:

Trains and roads are busy with people going here and there.. Moving on with their lives... There, i see people walk in and out the train, up and down the road... So when i like it empty... means, I don't like people walking around me in my life... as in... cant u just stay put?? *get my meaning*? anyways... its just ermm... random crap... =D

2. I like change....

I have this weird want of changing stuff... For example is when im sleeping.. i can never sleep in one position... no, thats not it... changin position meaning i can first sleep with my head on one end, and maybe another day i'll sleep at the other end. and also, if my sis aint around, i like sleepin on her bed instead of mine.....

So, lol... what is this? should i think about it negatively? I can never stay the same? or rather.. i can never stay in one spot.... maybe i jump friends? boyfriends? houses... jobs.... i hope im not interpreting my life as it is... coz it scares me.. it really does....

3. I hate getting only my feet wet.

Yes, i hate that... I'd rather get fully drenched instead of just my feet.... Walk in rain? PLEASE!! rain all over me instead of just soaking my feet.. i hate it...

Lets see.. how should i explain this... i dont like things done half heartedly? (seriously crapping here) JUST GET IT OVER WITH!! dun dilly dally... or how to spell it.. watever... =)

p.s : dont take all this seriously.

anyways... i'll leave some other updates for another day...

to be continued..... (Life during Hols)

Luv Linz

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Update Time

*tick tock*
time has passed quite alot... while things stayed still here....

so updates... lesseee......... Charity Concert 2009... was .... fine i guess?? ahha... turn up wasnt that good... performances were great! urgh.. i dunno... nothing much to say...

(maybe coz my mind not focusing on it)
so where is my mind wondering to??
everywhere maybe...
Okok, so this may not really be updates huh??
i feel the need of saying something out...
but i could never ever do that here..
its the state of bliss u think u're dreaming
its the happiness inside that u're feeling
its so beautiful it makes u wanna cry
pardon the random lyrics... hahaha...
ah fine... time to open up... i cant hide it forever... and my dear blog readers probably ought to know bout the blog update huh?
The pipes has burst one too many times.
When is the plumber gonna come?
maybe i'll just stop here... get u all curious...
(and so i can write more next time)
au revoir!~
-Luv Linz-

Monday, July 13, 2009


Hey all!! (tho i dunno who is the all.. and kinda few ppl i guess..)

anyway.. for those who did not know... there's gonna be a charity concert coming up next week!! so plssssssssssssssss do come for it yea?! come support SSLA, come support UCSI, most of all.. come support me!!!

here are
more details...

UCSI Charity Concert 2009. Stomp! make a difference!
Venue : UCSI University(south wing) multi purpose hall... (taman connought... )
Time : 7 30pm - 20 30pm
Date : 24th July (next friday)
Ticket price : rm10

Performances by~!
(by many many ppl la... wakakaka!! )

you can either get tickets from me, or if u're a UCSI student, tix will be sold from next week in the lobby, or even get it on the day itself!

so pls do come and join the fun!! rmb!! the money goes to CHARITY!! so do ur thing ppl....

Luv Linz~